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The story of a social entrepreneur

A small business with a big heart

About us

Diversity, environment and human dignity

NewUse was established as an aid organization in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka in 2016. Through voluntary work, collecting donations, establishing a second-hand shop and offering work experience to the population, NewUse has contributed to helping people in difficult situations to be able to support themselves. The profit from the shop has gone to the aid project in full, in the form of support for housing, education, driving licenses and the purchase of essential articles - all to help the population support themselves.


The following year, in 2017, NewUse was established in Sandefjord. Back then we were based in a small room in the city centre, but the goal was the same; we wanted to help people in difficult situations to create and contribute to a dignified life. Through job training, practical and theoretical teaching, follow-up and support, NewUse has been a contributor to immigrants finding permanent employment, new local businesses have been established, and socio-economic, social economic and health-related challenges have been reduced.


Today we are located at Skiringsal, in a larger workshop where we have the opportunity to help more people. We have noticed the need for increased digital competence, and have thus employed a supervisor and teacher to be able to expand the offer here with us. We care about people and we care about diversity. It is therefore important to us that our employees have both professional insight and a burning commitment to helping others.


At NewUse we are concerned with the environment, sustainability and circular economy. Therefore, most of our machines and materials are recycled items from local manufacturers and partners. With our broad knowledge and our large workshops, we also offer repair, restoration and maintenance of your products. We see the value of reuse, and want to take part in the effort to help the environment.


Meet the employees


Jørn Hammelow-Berg



Ibrahim Banarali

Furniture joiner


Johnny Akerholt

Teacher and supervisor


Orry Redbeard Henriksen

Supervisor in building and construction subjects


Younus Sharifi



Younus Sharifi



Oksana Livitska



Anders Hasle

Educator, supervisor and teacher

What is said about us?


Worker in welding

Training in the workshops has been decisive for me getting a job!


Employer within the carpentry trade

Practical training is important. NewUse has workshops with modern equipment, where relevant work tasks are trained.


Supervisor from NAV

NewUse is a real arena with good workshops, which facilitate individual adaptation in training.

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