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Reuse. Redesign. Circular economy.

Industrial sewing for companies

Give new life to used textiles

We help companies with the green shift

At NewUse we work for people and the environment. In our over 500 m² premises, we run, among other things, an industrial sewing workshop, specially developed to help companies with the green shift. Textiles are strongly represented in the throw-away society we are all part of, and we see the need to do something about this - and we hope your company does the same.

Are the uniforms starting to wear out? Are you sitting in a warehouse with unused textiles? Do you want to make an effort for the environment?

Get in touch for a no-obligation conversation today!

Canopy repair prices

Replace window

Kr 700,-/850,-/1100,-

Pris pr. stk. inkl. vindu i størrelse opptil 70x70/100x100/130x130

Bytte trykknapp

NOK 75

Price per item incl. push button


Canopy knit

NOK 20

Price per.  rubber band

Replace zipper

NOK 650

Price per meter incl. zipper

Change knob

NOK 85

Price per item incl. rotary knob


Winding strap

NOK 100

Price per.  strap incl. snap button


New Velcro

NOK 150

Price per meters including work

New edging

NOK 125

Price per meters including work

Other hourly rates

NOK 750

For those who want to do that little extra


Get in touch for repairs to awnings, simple seat cushions, canopy hearts, awning cloths, safety nets for trampolines, sails, etc. 

All prices are indicative and depend on the complexity of the work. Get in touch for a complete offer. All prices include VAT.


Earlier work

Restoration, maintenance and repair to order

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