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Build. Treat. Preserve.

Our cabinetmaker meets your needs!

Strike a blow for the environment!

We do our part to keep the climate footprint down

We want to do our bit for the environment and people, and we hope you want the same! Here at NewUse we offer a wide range of cabinetmaking and other craft services; everything from the construction of furniture and fixtures to order, to the repair, restoration and maintenance of your products. We have skilled, skilled craftsmen with us who will do their utmost to ensure that you are satisfied! Our premises of over 500 m² accommodate both a wood workshop and an iron and metal workshop - to make the best possible arrangements for us to fulfill exactly your wish!

Do you have a table with broken legs? Perhaps you could imagine a new bench in the garden? Would you like to have that handle welded in place instead of buying a brand new trolley? Do you want to make an effort for the environment?

Get in touch for a no-obligation conversation today!

Restoration, maintenance and production to order

Earlier work

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