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Map. Guide. Learn.

Customized individual teaching and follow-up


Language skills, craft knowledge and digital competence

Mapping and relationship building

In NewUse, we work purposefully for people with immigrant and craft backgrounds and young people with an interest in crafts who are in demand on the Norwegian labor market. Our participants apply to our program through their supervisor from the public sector. Our skills module has been developed so that the participants first undergo a thorough survey in language, understanding of work culture, practical and theoretical craft knowledge, and understanding of digital skills. In this way, we can ensure that each individual participant gets their own tailor-made course, consisting of the right guidance, teaching and follow-up.


Targeted running, competence development and organized measures


Based on the mapping we do with the participants here at us, we set up a targeted race towards work. Our goal is that people who come to Norway with extensive experience in their respective fields should be able to practice this, or a similar profession, on the Norwegian labor market. We work continuously in dialogue with employers and collaboration partners to make the best possible arrangements for the participants to have the opportunity to try themselves within a well-known professional field.


Language, work culture and digital competence training


In NewUse, we see the need for language, digital and craft skills development. Through applied formal and informal competence, we close communication and language gaps, assist in filling up with professional knowledge and competence, and facilitate the participants to have the best possible conditions for success on the labor market.



CV and application writing, contact with companies and ongoing dialogue

When our participants have received sufficient guidance and training, we work towards the labor market in a targeted manner. This involves writing applications and CVs, direct contact with companies, as well as follow-up and ongoing dialogue with the workplace and the participant. This is to ensure the best possible arrangement for lasting belonging.

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