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FREE workshop for young people

Wood workshop, steel and metal work, welding, 3D printing,
CNC milling, VR, courses and workshops!

Maker's space in crafts

Creative development, coping, inclusion and learning

Learning by Doing is oneFREE offer for young people between the ages of 16-25, every Tuesday at 18-21, in our premises inSkiringssalveien 134! We can offer a learning workshop completely out of the ordinary!

This is an offer for those who want a maker's space in crafts, where you can express yourself creatively, and at the same time be part of an inclusive group. We can offer exciting courses and  fun workshops - all with the environment, sustainability and circular economy in focus. 

Do you want to learn to weld? Do you find it exciting to see how production works in a company? Do you want to try new tools, machines and software? Could you imagine a leisure activity that is a little out of the ordinary?

With us you can:

  • Explore the cabinet maker's workshop and learn to use tools

  • Unfold yourself creatively in 3D printing and CNC milling

  • Explore the steel and metal workshop and learn welding

  • Participate in exciting courses with skilled professionals 

  • And much more!

You choose how often you want to participate, but in order to offer the best possible learning outcome, we hope to see you every week! We are concerned about your privacy and security, so all participants (or guardians, if you are under 18) must sign aself-declaration formand onemedia consent form after the first appearance.

Interested? Get in touch to register your interest, or show up! 

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