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Basic training in carpentry

Carpentry training for young people

Practice, theory, HSE

"Bygg Sammen" is our newest skills module - a four-year project in collaboration with NAV Sandefjord, Mulighetshuset in Sandefjord, Vestfold & Telemark County Council and the Carpentry Training Office in Vestfold. During the project period, six batches of five participants, with an interest in carpentry, will undergo basic training in practice, theory, quality assurance and HSE.


"Bygg Sammen" will embrace those who experience outsiders - either outside school or working life. There are many resourceful young people with a love for the subject, who have not had the opportunity to reach their potential at school. We will do something about that! 


"Bygg Sammen" is structured as a practical course over five months, and is primarily carried out in our building and construction hall, as well as in our teaching premises. The module is based on the teacher's plan for Grade 3:Training in business, and through individual mapping, teaching, guidance and follow-up, we shall give the participants the concrete training necessary to make themselves an attractive employee. In this way, the individual participant will not only get a thorough introduction to the subject, but in collaboration with the Training Office for the carpentry profession in Vestfold, the individual will also be able to get deductions from apprenticeships for further education.


The measure also includes further follow-up in the company, where we quality-assure that the work/apprenticeship period is carried out beneficially for both participant and employer - and in this way we help to create good conditions for further affiliation in working life.

Many thanks to all partners and contributors who make this project possible:

Earlier work

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